About Me


I’m a full-stack data architect, scientist, biologist with experience in every stage of ML, analytics, and BI pipelines across multiple domains.

I’ve worked with data from domains as wide-ranging as genomics, behavioral, digital marketing, sales/finance, ecology, semi-structured and ‘messy’ data, and large-scale simulation data requiring distributed ‘big data’ techniques. I’ve managed a data lake and warehouse; designed, built, and managed ETL and ELT; and managed devops for analytics engineering and machine learning (ML). As a data scientist, biologist, and analyst I authored successful grants, designed experiments, collected and labeled data, used inferential statistics, MCMC, simulation and agent-based modeling, and predictive (ML) analytics both to successfully author publications and provide value for businesses. I’m proficient in SQL, Python, and R.

I’m passionate about creative and collaborative problem-solving, getting value out of data, life-long learning, and evidence-based decision-making.

I enjoy reading, drinking beer with friends, and spending time with my family.

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