New posting tactic – shorter posts!

So, I’ve found that it is often difficult to keep up on blog posts. I think I’m not the only one who has this problem. My new goal is going to be to treat my blog like a slightly longer Twitter feed. By this I mean, I will be posting thoughts, pictures, and short things I write without worrying so much about content for a while. This is not my long-term goal, but rather a tactic to get more written and posted. If anyone has thoughts on this, let me know.

I’m currently preparing for SICB 2015! The annual meeting of the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology is January 3-7, 2015. I’ll be leaving early on the third. I just got word that my poster, and that of one of my undergraduate mentees, Casey Lardner, finished printing, so everything’s ready to go! I think it will be a fun year, with a lot of great science. I will share more details about the research I am presenting soon.

To science!


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